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1.  Delirium
Delirium is an abrupt change in the brain that causes mental confusion and emotional disruption. It makes it difficult to think, remember, sleep, pay attention, and more. You might experience the condition durin...
This condition is considered a medical emergency. Urgent care may be required.
  • Personality change
  • Depression
  • Unable to think clearly
  • Incoherent speech
  • Aimless movement
2.  Dementia Overview
Dementia is a loss of brain function caused by certain diseases. Alzheimer's, Lewy Body & vascular dementia - symptoms of short term memory loss & cognitive impairment
  • Personality change
  • Aphasia
  • Perception disturbance
  • Unable to write
  • Hostility
3.  What is Alzheimer's Disease?
Alzheimer's disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia, is a progressive brain disorder. Learn about the causes, signs and research being done about AD.
  • Personality change
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Hallucinations
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Retrograde amnesia
4.  Adult Brain Tumor
A brain tumor is a collection of abnormal cells in the brain. Brain tumors can be either malignant (cancerous) or benign (unlikely to spread). However, there is a limited amount of space in the skull. Therefore, an...
  • Personality change
  • Clumsiness
  • Unable to speak
  • Hearing impairment
  • Hand tremor
5.  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and Mad Cow Disease
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is an infectious disease that causes the brain to degenerate. The hallmark of this brain disease is an inability to think clearly and take care of oneself. Over time, the disease cause...
  • Personality change
  • Chorea
  • Visual disturbance
  • Unable to stand
  • Writhing movements
6.  Primary Cerebral Lymphoma
Primary cerebral lymphoma is also known as brain lymphoma or central nervous system lymphoma. The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system. Cells called lymphocytes are part of the lymph system and ca...
  • Personality change
  • Headache
  • Diplopia
  • Hallucinations
  • Low grade fever
7.  Epilepsy Overview
The types of epilepsy include Juvenile Myoclonic, Benign Rolandic, Reflex, West Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner and Rasmussen's Encephalitis Epilepsy.
  • Personality change
  • Moist skin
  • Stopped breathing
  • Hallucinations
  • Stops breathing
8.  Central Sleep Apnea
Central sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which you briefly stop breathing during sleep. The moments of apnea can occur repeatedly throughout the night. The interruption of your breathing happens may indicate a proble...
  • Personality change
  • High blood pressure
  • Stops breathing
  • Abnormal breathing
  • Increase in blood pressure
9.  Huntington's Disease
Huntington's disease is a hereditary condition in which your brain's nerve cells gradually break down. This affects your physical movements, emotions, and cognitive abilities. There is no cure, but there are ways t...
  • Personality change
  • Dementia
  • Speech impairment
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
10.  Porphyrias
Porphyrias are a group of rare inherited blood disorders. People with these disorders do not make heme, a component of hemoglobin (protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen) properly. Heme is made of porphyrin (...
  • Personality change
  • Rash
  • Change in bowel habit
  • Dark urine
  • Numbness of limbs
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